R&D Technology


ChemIndustry has been building up R&D systems to meet customer¡¯s request putting advanced synthetic technology and purification technique to good use which have been cultivated in development of a huge variety of organic compounds. Our technologies specializing in hazardous chemical reactions and focused on the exclusive synthesis of fine chemicals. ChemIndustry offers custom manufacturing of advanced organic intermediates to major pharmaceutical and industrial companies around the world.

ChemIndustry is organized to be flexible and responsive to customer needs to create more value for its customers. This includes a rapid response policy to customer inquiries, direct and open customer dialogue and the ability for quick and reliable increase of production from grams to multi-tons. We continuously improve the quality and efficiency of the production process. These improvements are supported by our lean decision processes and strong in-house technical knowledge with hazardous reactions gained from long history of research and production experience.

Our standard working procedures to be met prior to treatment of an order from Client.
a.     Qualification Registered by fill in the Material Sourcing Questionnaire from Clients
b.     Received the listed individual projects sheets
c.     Provide pricing for Client¡¯s review and feedback prior to submitting any samples for evaluation.  
d.     If pricing is confirmed to be competitive, Clients will request us provide a sample for evaluation. 
        (Together with confirmation of the delivery address for the sample prior to shipment.)
e.     The minimum sample quantity is 25 grams.  The sample must be representative of the quality that will be
        delivered for bulk quantities.  The sample must be representative of the synthesis and process that will be used
        to produce the bulk quantities. 
f.      Any change to the process after submission/acceptance of a sample will require prior approval of a new sample
        prepared with the new process. 
g.     We have the principle to reserve all sample provided and take it as a reference quality for future orders
        (i.e. retain a portion of the sample lot for Client future reference). 
h.     We assure submit a completed and signed Client BSE/TSE questionnaire.

R & D site

Zibo Plant ( Zibo,Shangdong, China), Huantai Plant ( Huantai,Shandong,China ), Zhejiang Plant ( jiaxing,Zhejiang,China),  Hebei Plant ( Gaocheng,Hebei,China)
Quality control
Acquisition of ISO14001 and ISO9001 GMP Compliance
Professional Field
ChemIndustry sets up R & D exploituring systems having capabilities from mg to ton-ordered pharmaceuticals, medicinal intermediates, Chemicals for the Electronics Industry, photo chemicals, chemicals for cosmetics, special polymers, fine chemicals, initiators, and catalysts for synthesis
Major equipments
reactors ( SUS, GL, Hastelloy various and a large number of types of vessels), clean rooms ( GMP Compliance, multipurpose, for prepared liquid ), various dryers, autoclaves, reactors for low(or High) -temperature reaction, rectification columns, etc.
¡¤cyclization¡¤esterification¡¤Friedel-Crafts reaction¡¤formylation¡¤halogenation ¡¤Grignard reaction¡¤nitration¡¤nitrosation ¡¤reduction¡¤polymerization¡¤radical reaction ¡¤sulfonation¡¤vinylation ¡¤Wittig reaction ¡¤chemicals controlled metal¡¤prepared liquid under controlled environment ¡¤Acid chlorides¡¤Amidation¡¤Bromination¡¤Broad temperature reactions(-100¡æ¡«250¡æ) ¡¤Cross-coupling reactions¡¤Cyanation¡¤Column purification¡¤Crystallization
¡¤Distillation(from atmosphere pressure to 0.1Pa) ¡¤Dehydrogenation¡¤Esterification¡¤FriedelCrafts (acylation and alklation) ¡¤Fritsch-Buttenberg-Wiechell rearrangement¡¤Fries rearrangement¡¤Hoffmann rearrangement
¡¤Huang Minglong modified wolff-kishner reduction¡¤Hydrogenations (at atmosphere pressure or higher Pressure) ¡¤Iodination¡¤Organometallic reactions( Mg,Li,Cu)¡¤Oxidation¡¤Reduction with metal hybrids or hydrogen
¡¤Short-path distillation¡¤TLC separation¡¤Thin film distillation

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