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Newly released products

Newly Released Synthetic Pharmaceutical


 Pharmaceuticals and intermediates which we newly put into to commercial scale:

  (1)  Pheniramin Maleate                                    [CAS No.132-20-7]

  (2)  Epinastin                                                       [CAS No.80012-43-07]

  (3)  2-(bromomethyl)-1,3-dioxolane                [CAS No.4360-63-8]

  (4)  Bromoactaldehyde diethyl acetal              [CAS No.2032-35-1]

  (5)  Bromoactaldehyde dimethyl acetal          [CAS No.7252-83-7]

  (6)  Chloroacetaldehyde dimethyl acetal       [CAS No.97-97-2]

  (7)  Chloroacetaldehyde diethyl acetal           [CAS No.621-62-5]

  (8)  2,2-dimethoxy-N-methylethanamine       [CAS No.122-07-6]

  (9)  2,2-dimethylethanamine                            [CAS No.22483-09-6]

  (10) 2,2-diethoxyethanamine                           [CAS No.645-36-3]

  For technical and commercial details, please contact our offices in Shanghai.

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