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Biodiesel catalysts capacity enlarged
Chemindustry (Qingdao) International Trade Co., Ltd.  has one of its high-quality sodium and potassium alcoholates manufacturing plants located in Zibo, Shandong, China.  
The company supplys customer high-quality sodium and potassium alcoholates, which are important catalysts in many processes. especially Sodium methylate solution in methanol is the most used catalyst for the production of Biodiesel. Potassium methylate solution can also be often used in the production of Biodiesel especially when dealing with oils like old cooking oils.
Our plant are the largest manufacturer for Sodium Methylate ( Sodium Methoxide), Potassium Methylate (Potassium methoxide ), Sodium Ethylate (Sodium Ethoxide), Potassium Ethylate (Potassium Ethoxide) and its derivative in China,
Our production capacity for Sodium Methylate in methanol solution and Potassium Methylate in methanol solution are over 50,000 tons annually, meanwhile, with 10,000 tons of sodium and potassium alcoholates in solid. Our company depends on super-huge petrochemical industry enterprises Shandong Qilu closely, have raw materials source with reliable quality.
The high-quality sodium and potassium alcoholates of our plant have perfect quality, top level analyzing system.  Our products are in possession of the most competitive price level and excellent quality in the China market. We have been determined as the appointed supplier by most of large-scale enterprises all over the China, as well as to be taken as one of the largest  sodium and potassium alcoholates supplier for Biodiesel producers in Asia and abroad.
We are in confident that mutual cooperation will strongly support our partner reaching a high efficiency level by using our high-quality sodium and potassium alcoholates in your production.
A trial cooperation with us could carry you a big profit which you didn't imaged.
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